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New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools 

Legislative Platform 2014


Vision :

Our vision is a world class education for all New Mexicans one charter school at a time.


Our mission is to lead and support public charter school quality, growth, autonomy in New Mexico.

I.          The Coalition supports accountability for all schools and for teachers that leads to improved outcomes for students.

II.         The Coalition supports the creation of high quality educational options for parents and students.

III.        The Coalition supports broad-based reform of the funding formula that results in fair funding for all students.  We oppose continual, minor modifications of the formula that benefits certain stakeholders.

IV.        The Coalition supports a higher, consistent standard of long-term sustainability for   charter school facilities and leases that recognizes the individual school’s needs for program specific spaces.

V.         The Coalition supports strengthening current laws requiring charter school access to HB-33 and SB-9 funds.

VI.        The Coalition supports the establishment of a revolving fund for charter school facilities.

VII.       The Coalition supports longer term authorization periods after the first renewal.

VIII.      The Coalition supports defining a charter school head administrator as a school superintendent in all statues and regulations.  

Questions about the Legislative Platform?  Contact Luca Ispirescu at (505) 842-8203