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  • What schools are displayed on the quadrant graph and subsequent bar graphs?
    • All public schools in the state of New Mexico that have at least 3 years of testing data are on the data dashboard. This includes traditional district schools as well as charter schools.
    • Please note that Public Charter Schools and District Schools are assigned different colors. The blue dots/bars refer to the public charter schools and the green dots/bars refer to the traditional district schools.

  • Where does the information come from that makes up the dashboard?
    • The graphs are based on SBA scores taken from all public schools in the state. The scores are public information taken from the NM Public Education Department website.

  • How do I get information about a particular school?
    • Placing your cursor over a particular dot or graph will cause a box with additional information about that particular school to appear.
    • You can also select the particular school you are looking for in the boxes on the right bottom.

  • The dashboard has three tabs. Clicking on the tabs :
    • The first tab is a Quadrant Graph. This graph can be filtered using the drop down boxes for sector (Public charter / District), grade level, region, or specific school name.
    • The second tab is a Performance over Time Graph. This graph can be filtered using the drop down boxes for subgroup, region or specific school name.
    • The third tab is a Performance by Subgroups Graph. This graph can be filtered by year, region or specific school name.

Public School Dashboard

dashboard_front A comprehensive data resource for New Mexico Public Charter Schools

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