2019-2020 Middle School Teacher, All Subjects

Opening Date: 01/11/2019
Deadline Date: Open Until Filled

Job Details:

School Name: Solare Collegiate Charter School
School Address: SW ABQ, 87121
School Website: http://solarecollegiate.org

Minimum Qualifications: New Mexico K-8 Elementary of 5-9 Middle Education License Level I, II, or III, background check, and state-required fingerprints

Immediate Supervision: Head of School

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to rsewards@solarecollegiate.org.

Job Description:

Teachers at Solare Collegiate Charter School are hired, supervised, evaluated by, and held accountable to the Head of School. Teachers are responsible for advancing the mission of the school through the implementation of a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Teachers will be responsive to feedback and coaching received by the Leadership Team. Teachers are content-specific, and Solare Collegiate will need eight classroom teachers in Year 1, including a 5th grade English Language Arts and Textual Analysis teacher, a 5th grade Foundational and Conceptual Math teacher, a 5th and 6th grade Social Studies teacher, a 5th and 6th grade Science teacher, a 6th grade Conceptual Math teacher, a 6th grade Foundational Math teacher, a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher, and a 6th grade Textual Analysis teacher.


The Founding Teacher positions will also include work associated with school start up, which includes building a school community with a steadfast belief in student potential. The position formally begins on July 8, 2019.


Leadership Characteristics and Experience:

  • Commitment to, belief in, and alignment with the mission of Solare Collegiate, its goals, and educational philosophy

  • High expectations for all students

  • Knowledge of New Mexico Common Core State Standards, New Mexico Next Generation Science Standards, and New Mexico Content Standards, in relevant grade level and subject areas

  • Experience with literacy-based instruction across all subject areas, or a willingness to learn and implement literacy-based instruction methods in all content areas

  • Familiarity with data and using data to guide planning and instruction

  • Strong verbal and written skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Strong growth mindset, with a willingness to take personal responsibility, interested in receiving and applying feedback on performance, dedication to effectiveness and excellence

  • Spanish proficiency preferred

  • Minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree




  • Ensure that classroom content is rigorous, measurable, and aligned with the New Mexico Common Core State Standards, New Mexico Next Generation Science Standards, and the New Mexico Content Standards

  • Use the school scope and sequence, unit plans, and daily lesson plans, with teacher-created examples and exemplars

  • Submit lesson plan notes, examples, and exemplars weekly, as well as apply revisions provided by the leadership team

  • Differentiate curriculum to support the needs of students with special needs and EL needs, while maintaining academic rigor

  • Maintain and apply school-wide academic and behavioral systems

  • Reinforce a warm, positive school community that prioritizes encouraging student voice and leadership

  • Own responsibility for the progress of all students

  • Use assessment data to inform instructional practice

  • Communicate with students, families, and the Solare Collegiate team

  • Work with grade-level and content teams to create strategic plans and adapt curriculum

  • Use planning periods for the analysis of student data and preparation of courses

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Rachael Sewards
Contact Email: rsewards@solarecollegiate.org
Contact Phone: 505-917-6442

Secondary Contact Information:

Contact Name: N/A
Contact Email: N/A