2019-2020 Student Supports Coordinator

Opening Date: 01/11/2019
Deadline Date: Open Until Filled

Job Details:

School Name: Solare Collegiate Charter School
School Address: SW ABQ, 87121
School Website: http://solarecollegiate.org

Minimum Qualifications: New Mexico Pre-K-12 Special Education License, Gifted Endorsement (or willingness to get one), background check, and state-required fingerprints

Immediate Supervision: Head of School

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to rsewards@solarecollegiate.org.


Job Description:

The Student Supports Coordinator is hired, supervised, evaluated by, and held accountable to the Head of School. The Student Supports Coordinator is responsible for advancing the mission of the school through oversight of students receiving special education or English Learner services. The Student Supports Coordinator will manage the creation of, implementation of, and review of the Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for special education students, as well as the management and creation the of English Learners (EL) program. The Student Supports Coordinator is responsible for supporting general education and special education teachers (including gifted students) at Solare Collegiate, including instructional supports and professional development related to special education and EL students. The Student Support Coordinator will receive robust coaching and feedback, with a focus on continuing to develop the Coordinator’s leadership skills and instructional effectiveness.


The Founding Student Supports Coordinator position will also include work associated with school start up, which includes creating a mission-aligned program to support students with special education and language needs. The position formally begins on July 1, 2019, but there is opportunity to begin work in June 2019 with an associated stipend.


Leadership Characteristics and Experience:

  • Commitment to, belief in, and alignment with the mission of Solare Collegiate, its goals, and educational philosophy

  • High expectations for all students, but particularly those with special needs and English Language support needs

  • Coordination of evaluations and creation of IEPs or 504 plans for students in need of special services

  • Coordination of gifted programming in the classroom.

  • Knowledge of special education law at the state and federal level, to ensure Solare Collegiate follows the school regulatory requirements

  • Strong communication skills, related to communicating to families, students, and staff regarding student needs

  • Coordination and collaboration skills, including the ability to organize and schedule intervention supports and services for all qualified students

  • Strong growth mindset, with a willingness to take personal responsibility, interested in receiving and applying feedback on performance, dedication to effectiveness and excellence

  • A record of success in working with English Learners and students with special needs, specifically improving academic achievement

  • Demonstrate the ability to multitask effectively and prioritize efficiently

  • Minimum of two years of special education teaching experience

  • Spanish proficiency preferred

  • Minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree, advanced degree preferred



  • Creation and execution of school-wide systems for monitoring all student progress, with the support of the Head of School

  • Manages the testing of all students who may be eligible for special education or EL services

  • Ensures IEP or 504 plans are put into place to provide students with instruction aligned to the accommodations and modifications outlined in their IEP, including ancillary services

  • Manages ACCESS for EL testing, determining the appropriate interventions and supports for EL students

  • Manages the gifted programming in the classroom and during dedicated FOCUS blocks.

  • Ensures school follows state and federal special education and English Learner laws

  • Works closely with the Head of School and Director of Operations, as part of the Leadership Team, reviewing school schedules and monitor compliance with special education and EL implementation

  • Chair the Student Assistance Team, implement the RtI program school-wide, and provide professional development as needed

  • Work with the Head of School and Leadership Team to develop and adapt standards-aligned curriculum, including the scope and sequence, unit plans, and lesson plans

  • Provide supportive and rigorous instruction in whole-class and small group settings

  • Provide academic support and intervention during whole class, small group, and FOCUS settings

  • Collaborate with the Head of School to supervise and support Special Education teachers, as well as monitor IEP caseload management and implementation of services

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Rachael Sewards
Contact Email: rsewards@solarecollegiate.org
Contact Phone: 505-917-6442

Secondary Contact Information:

Contact Name: N/A
Contact Email: N/A