Legislative Updates

1/29/16 Legislative Report


All interested Charter School constituents:


Greta and I, with our lobbyists, attended the Senate Education Committee (SEC) hearing on 1/29.  At that meeting, the SEC voted to move SB141 out of Senate Ed to Finance. This bill has significant impact on charter schools.  


53% of Charter Schools, both state and locally authorized, stand to lose funding if SB 141 passes.  (Losing an average of 7.5% of their budgets—with the highest % loss at 18.78% for a school.)



SB141 amends the public school funding formula to establish a Teacher Cost Index (TCI) and phase in the replacement of the existing Instructional Staff Training and Experience (T & E) Index over five years; reduces small-school size adjustment program units for 51 charter schools over five years; and increased the at-risk index multiplier over five years.


The link to the bill is below.  It has access to the bill; the LESC Bill Analysis and the Legislative Fiscal Impact Report.  We are waiting for PED analysis.  They are standing to support charter schools regarding the small school size adjustment aspect of the bill.




We strongly suggest you go over the documents.  Greta and I will be at all of the committee meetings where this bill is heard.  We will notify everyone if there is a need for charter schools to be present to testify before a committee.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


~Kelly and Greta 


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