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SB 141 Status 2/5/16


SB 141 was heard in Senate Finance Committee on 2/4/16. It passed through this committee and will now go to the Senate floor.  


NMCCS and NMPED stood in opposition to the bill because there appears to be inconsistent data as to the impact for both charters and school districts.  We don’t oppose the bill outright as there are some positive changes to the At-Risk index and the new TCI.  However, there are factors that will result in some charter schools/districts losing considerable funding and others who will make budget gains.  This could be due to the change in Size Adjustment factors and/or TCI and/or At-Risk indices. It’s not entirely clear how the changes are impacting the results on funding. There needs to be more study and analysis of the impact on ALL schools which is why we oppose the bill.



Students from Aldo Leopold Charter School in Silver City voiced their opposition to SB 141.  They were very eloquent in stating that the reduction in funding due to the bill would be harmful to their school.  Thank you to Eric Ahner and his students for being there and speaking to the committee. 


Thank you, also, to all of the charter school leaders and community members for being at the committee hearing and speaking/supporting the efforts of NMCCS and all charter schools.




We encourage all charter school constituents to voice their position on SB141.  Contact your legislators.  Here is the link to get their contact information:





Greta and I are working with lobbyists and school leaders to implement strategies that will either kill the bill or mitigate the negative impacts by introducing some amendments. We will continue to let you know when the bill is being heard as soon as we find out the information as well as let you know about the amendments we’re proposing.  Keep checking the website.


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Thank you for your support.  Together, we stand strong!


~Kelly and Greta










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