NMCCS Annual Charter School Conference

NMCCS 2015 Annual Charter School Conference

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Thank you to all of the presenters who provided exceptional training at the 15th Annual NMCCS State Charter School Conference in our four strands:

  • Governing Council Tier I (1st-2nd Year as GC Members)
  • Governing Council Tier II (3+ Years as GC Members)
  • Leadership: Management/Operations
  • Innovative Instructional Design

We received excellent feedback about the quality of presenters and their materials. It is our intent to provide as much information to schools and charter school communities through the website. The conference presentations will be the first of, hopefully, many resources for stakeholders to access. There will be both general public and members-only resources.

Each of the presenters has provided their PowerPoint presentations for your review. If you have specific questions about a particular presentation, please contact the presenters. All of the presenters identified contact information in their PowerPoint(s). If you have general questions about the information on the website please contact Kelly, Greta or Donna at info@nmccs.org .

Presenters PowerPoint Presentations (PDFs)